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Prepaid meters are generally used by landlords to control the use of electricity and/or water of tenants. Once a meter is installed, recharge vouchers... Become a Prepaid Meter Dealer

Prepaid meters are generally used by landlords to control the use of electricity and/or water of tenants. Once a meter is installed, recharge vouchers need to be purchased by the tenant in order to use electricity or water. 

What is an independent prepaid meter dealer?

  • Supply electricity and water meters to landlords, property owners and companies
  • Offer installation of prepaid meters
  • Vend tokens to landlords or tenants via web-based software or via your smart phone with the recharge app

You will be earning an ongoing revenue by vending tokens to all meters you have supplied.

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RECHARGER provides prepaid meters dealers with personalized meter token “Vending Systems” where you can generate tokens for the meter base which you established. The Recharger vending system has various unique features that can be suited for general landlord token vending or property management. Dealers can supply recharge tokens for the meters to the landlords or tenants directly via software and handle the funds collection and electricity bills. The system can accommodate levies, arrears rentals, management fees and other expenses when the token is generated.

The meters & tokens are STS certified, meaning they can be used nationally & internationally. Property Managers or service providers can allocate a VENDING FEE on the Token itself for their services rendered and generate ongoing revenue. It is extremely popular with shopping centers, commercial, industrial properties, student accommodations and apartment blocks. The vending system is cloud based and free.

As a RECHARGER prepaid meter dealer, you will have access to:

  • Easy to use vending software to vend tokens for your meters
  • 3 year guarantee on all meters
  • Marketing support from RECHARGER
  • Technical support for meters, installation and vending software
  • They even forward all leads in your area to you
  • Competitive dealer pricing on meters

All you need to get started is a reliable computer and an internet connection. Training is free at their Durban offices or it can even remotely provided. As a RECHARGER prepaid meter dealer you supply sub-meters, so your meters do not replace the municipal metersl. Landlords to not have to worry about unpaid electricity bills at all. Tenants can buy the vending tokens direct from you, or it can be bought from Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, OK Bazaars, USave, Boxer, online at Easypay, or at an ATM from FNB.

This opportunity is available in South Africa, whole Africa and throughout the world. You can sell single and three phase meters. Installation is done by a qualified electrician on a “per installation” basis at the cost of the landlord.

There are no monthly costs or agency fees. Startup costs can be as low as R500, provided you already have a computer and internet connection. You need R4 000 to qualify for dealer stock.

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Tel: + 27 86 146 8880 / Fax: + 27 86 292 8700


Recharger Prepaid Meter Dealer


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  • No agency fees
  • Full support and training
  • Great opportunity with various streams of revenue

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