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Join the Slip No More Contractors Programme and get access to an exclusive range of non-slip products to resell at a profit. NO EXPENSIVE BUY IN. NO SETUP COSTS. NO MINIMUM PURCHASE. Simply order as you need, when you need. The Slip No More opportunity enables you to provide... Read more
Getting funding from a reputable institution used to be a long process involving call centres and long waiting periods for a decision, resulting in unnecessary periods of not knowing where you stand. Udu (pronounced “You Do”) was created to offer an online self-service loan management portal and the unique... Read more
Turn money into metal with these hand powered metal forming machines. No electricity needed. Earn a decent income by manufacturing decorative furniture and structural metal products. Bend metal tubes with precision up to 50mm in size, by hand. Roll solids and tube in curves or complete circles. Add decorative... Read more
Have you ever wondered how to get into vending as a business? It gives you the unique opportunity to be in several places at once. Other than being able to make sales without having to hire staff 24/7, without renting an entire shop, vending machines also provide you a... Read more
This is the best brick making machines
Doubell Machines & Equipment are the manufacturers & exporters of brick-making & block-making machinery. For many years now, they have been prominent & an integral part of South Africa in the helping of community upliftment & social improvement by empowering disadvantaged people to empower themselves! For a small cost,... Read more
Here is the most cost effective way to build a house
We introduce to you, the best and most cost effective way to build any house in South Africa. FinnBUILDER is a slip-form concrete shuttering using no-slump reinforced concrete. The strength of the concrete is varied from 5 MPa to 40 MPa depending on structural requirements. It is the easiest... Read more