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How to save on car insurance

Car insurance is a large expense to every conscientious vehicle owner and perhaps even larger than it should be.This is advice on how to save money on your car insurance premiums by implementing a few easy steps.

  • Do your homework. It pays to shop around and compare numerous quotes. Regulatory changes may have encouraged new companies to enter the market, thereby increasing competition and providing reduced rates for consumers.
  • Raise your excess payment. A low deductible doesn’t warrant the higher premium that is the result. Consider a higher deductible to save on car insurance premiums. Rather fix minor damage and repairs with the savings you earned by negotiating a lower insurance premium.
  • If your automobile is of low value and is paid for, consider dropping the collision cover of your policy altogether. Put away the savings you realized by lowering the premium, for a down payment on your next car.
  • Inform your insurer of all safety features on your car. Features such as airbags and security and tracking systems will decrease your insurance premiums.
  • Some insurers can provide you with various insurance products and you should save on your insurance premiums.
  • Buying a practical car will result in lower premiums than more expensive or sporty vehicles.
  • Having passed a driver’s advanced education course will help you save on car insurance.
  • Be sure to check your policy details and the personal information on your policy. If the insurer has the wrong address, town, or vehicle details on your car insurance policy, you could be paying more than you should.
  • Reducing your car insurance costs should not be an impossible feat. By following these steps you should realize some savings the next time your policy comes up for review.

Here's a neat little trick to save on your car insurance. Get free car insurance quotes, once received, take that to your own insurer, DEMANDING the same discount or else you move. Your insurer will have to match your offer, but if he don't, you simply move. Brand loyalty is for ignorant people.