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Become a Prepaid Meter Dealer
Prepaid meters are generally used by landlords to control the use of electricity and/or water of tenants. Once a meter is installed, recharge vouchers need to be purchased by the tenant in order to use electricity or water.  What is an independent prepaid meter dealer? Supply electricity and water... Read more
Now anybody can be a chicken farmer. Full details inside.
Now anybody can be a chicken farmer at a very low cost. Raise and sell your own chickens, even from your own backyard. This unique chicken houses in which broiler chickens are bred and raised specifically for meat production are available now to anybody. The process is extremely simple.... Read more
Free Range Eggs Opportunity. Details inside.
Start a free range eggs business today with the EGGY6 or EGGY20, products specially designed for any garden. NO experience needed, it is really simple farming with your own magic hens. Kiki Agri has many years experience in the industry and its products are manufactured to the highest quality,... Read more
Save Money – 5 Foods you can easily re-grow
Cabbage Cabbage are relatively easy to grow from scraps. Instead of throwing out those leftover leaves, simply place them in a bowl with just a bit of water in the bottom. Keep the bowl somewhere that gets good sunlight and mist the leaves with water a couple of times... Read more
Manufacture your own detergents at home
TRIMO provide you with the practical training on how to manufacture different types of soaps and detergents through a 1 Day soap and detergent manufacturing workshop, held in RANDFONTEIN. If you are far from them, you can purchase a Home Study package and save money on the cost of training... Read more
Manufacture your own Perfume
As a perfume manufacturer you will control the knowledge on your perfume manufacturing process. This means that people who want to start a perfume business as a seller or distributor will have to purchase the perfume directly from you, the perfume manufacturer. That is why manufacturing perfume is a... Read more